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CSM is certified by ISO 9001
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Sierra Madre Corporation is a manufacturer of chemical specialties that create value and provide solutions for its customers, enhancing the quality of life and promoting a sustainable future. CSM is certified by ISO 9001:2015 and sells its products in several countries, including America, Europe and Middle East.

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Variety of High Quality Additives for the Plastic Industry

Calcium Stearate

White powder of the reaction of a fatty acid with calcium salts . The appearance is creamy fine powder or granular with a slight odor of caramel , slightly soluble in hot water. Is an internal lubricant or fusion promoter . also can be used as a co- stabilizer and is  widely used  for  rigid and flexible PVC extrusion industry formulations. We also have a NSF certify Calcium Stearate  for PVC extrusion.

Zinc Stearate

Fine Powder or Granular presentation  of the reaction form a fatty acid and a zinc salt, it is not soluble in polar solvents such as alcohol and ether , but soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons . It is the best release agent among all stearates. It does not contain electrolytes and presents a hydrophobic effect.

Gracias a sus propiedades como estabilizador y lubricante se utiliza para la industria del plástico, caucho (caucho), pinturas y barnices.

Blend for Polyolefins

The dust-free pellets are homogeneous pellet formulations containing 100% active ingredients, with a low heat history,  made according to customer requirements and designed for specific uses.

Lithium Stearate

Lithium stearate is hydrophilic, and swells in solvents. Moreover, because of its long fatty acid chains, lithium stearate leaves only minimal residue following heat treatment. It is also known as Lithium Soap.

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Phone Number

+52 818-345-4024

International Sales

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